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i continue my writing about using a storyFirst methodology as a means of design and as a personal and professional philosophy meant to change our lives and the lives of others through design — stay tuned for more details as the writing evolves
on Tuesday, June 16th i will present the third installment of my talk 'A storyFirst Approach to Human-Centered Design' at Refresh Boston out at Fresh Tilled Soil in Watertown

visit the Refresh Boston website to read more about the talk and to register for the evening event

i am taking a chapter from my MFA thesis and putting more serious focus on the core part of my research in design, technology and human awareness — my fourth stream of project work, research and critical design writing actively took a look at leveraging 'laugh performance' as a means of better understanding humor, laughter and the areas inbetween — my previous book, aptly titled 'confounded: future fetish design performance for human advocacy,' still feels like too much of a cliff-hanger and, in retrospect, put too little emphasis on the less digital design explorations i did as an investigation into the uniquely human phenomena of this nonlinguistic transmission of mirth and other emotionality

i also recently started up a new stream of cyberSurreal research, an extension of my investigations into human advocacy through design and performance — i call this new stream from robots to puppetsread more and get a basic sense of where i'm going with my critical design research and experimentation this time around

contact ls @ lou suSi dot com to discuss potential experience design challenges, collaborations, and creative ideas related to human-centered design, design empowerment, public speaking and other UX or design-like thangz

my ux career history

i have had the amazingly good fortune to collaboratively innovate and design for a ridiculously long list of teams, companies and organizations over the last 18+ years of persistent and nearly-silly determination to improve our human experience in life by optimizing the interactive experiences we 'deal with' on a daily basis ... i currently work as an experience designer for Arbor Networks Security Innovation Labs in Burlington, Massachusetts ... my previous user experience design and architectural engagements include work for the following organizations { in reverse chronological order }: Schneider Electric, Mobiquity, Avid, Dimdim, Monster, WebEx and other assorted and sundry companies

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