lifelong artist and designer

lou suSi works as an experience designer at Arbor Networks’ Security Innovation Labs — where he contributes to the iterative human-centered design and development of Arbor's enterprise suite of software applications. He also teaches art, innovation, leadership and design across New England for a variety of learning institutions, including Brandeis University, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and Endicott College.

Over the years — alongside his professional design career — lou has also interdependently pursued his own personal art and design projects that thematically focus on the human phenomena of laughter. Through this evolving body of interdisciplinary work — he continually conducts rich and extensive research into laughter, humor and the areas inbetween, exploring the dynamics behind what we might consider to be funny or not funny.

lou lives up on The North Shore of Massachusetts with his wife, their daughters and son, their adorable grandchildren, and their sweet and gentle greyhound Frank.

Select Projects

My work in the laughterLife continues to deepen my compassion and awareness by keenly tuning in to the human dynamics of laughter and humor.

I drive all of my design work by putting storytelling at the core of the human-centered design process. Curiously enough, I have found that applying the very same storyFirst design approach in a meta-way to life can guide us all toward more conscious and purposeful ways of living.

Our modernday technohumanic ecosystem of devices, information, systems and interaction drastically effect our lives on a constant basis. I propose that the world we've invented for ourselves as part of our evolution toward post-humanity has produced a new human condition I call cyberSurrealism whereby we all live somewhat lost between the worlds of: the conscious and the subconscious; the analog and the digital; and the real and the cyberSurreal.



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